42MM Architecture: Detaching From Conventional Design Style

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42MM Architecture is a multi-disciplinary practice specializing in architecture, interior design, urban design and master planning. Representing a decade of design excellence, a fresh perspective complements the firm’s portfolio. With a keen desire to depart from conventional models, the firm is constantly at work on research, development and implementation of innovative and efficient design strategies, operations and details. Additionally firm maintains a strong commitment to create design solutions that are individually tailored to suit the specific criteria for each project.

At 42MM Architecture the emphasis is on understanding the end-user in relation to its environment. We understand the necessity of the built environment to enhance the quality of life for the user, to be an expression of its true nature to the surrounding environment, to be responsive to regional sensibilities and to be responsible towards the environment. The Design Process for each project evolves from a detailed analysis of its Function and User in relation to its site and its social and cultural context.

Seamless integration of spatial organization with various systems, like structure, services, finishing and lighting contributes to the Spirit of the Place. Sensitive to issues regarding contextualization-globalization and environment, the intervention lies in creating meaningful, useful environments, which enhance the feeling of well-being. Sustainability plays a major role with passive and active solar design, enabling us to create clean, energy-efficient and ‘low burden’ environments. 

A collaborative approach and comprehensive consultation process allow us to respond to requirements, commercial environments, technical processes and practices, resulting in the optimum design solution. We believe in introducing clients to contemporary approaches and progressive design. A strong sense of commitment, ambition and service for each project has won the firm lasting relationships with our clients.

About Ar. Rudraksh Charan

Rudraksh is typically responsible for instigating design concepts and client interfaces while leading teams from concept design through completion. The wide range of projects in which he has been involved evidences his versatility as an architect. These include sectors such as commercial, hospitality, residential and urban planning. His technical and construction experience, working in every aspect of overall project delivery including cost and schedule management, enables him to work with the client and design team to achieve the project’s goals and vision. As a managing partner, he uses his diverse knowledge and experience to guide the architectural, engineering, and client teams to work together to deliver highly successful projects. He has thus been instrumental in the firm’s recent business expansion to new areas.

Charan’s effective leadership and management practices transcend geographical boundaries. His widely noted communication and negotiation skills thus result in strong relationships with a diverse clientele. With over 13 years of professional experience, his focus has been in the “making” of buildings offering simple and artful solutions to complex problems. These thus entail immense technical knowledge and profound attention to detail. Charan’s approach to design responds to individual contexts and enables the integration of both the natural and built environment. In collaboration with his clients, he focuses on developing creative and innovative solutions that meet both aesthetic and pragmatic requirements, allowing buildings to positively impact the environment while addressing the specific needs of inhabitants.

42 MM Architecture

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