7ARC Design Office: Where Design Precision Meets Creative Harmony

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The 7ARC Design Office set up in just 300 SqFt, showcases how intent drives the process from conception to completion. This small space accommodates seating for 7 people, plus 5 visitors. It includes a paper pantry, a pantry station, nested seating built into storage niches, and a meeting table. This office design is more than just another interior project; it reflects a dedication to transforming spaces and creating a modern identity.

Design Philosophy

The design language at 7ARC Design Office follows the belief that design is not just subjective art but a realm with ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ This belief permeates every inch of the renovated space. Black and white serve as the foundational palette, chosen to embody the essence of duality. Upon entering the studio, visitors are greeted by a seamless convergence of these contrasting hues. These colors aren’t just aesthetic choices; they represent the yin and yang of design principles. Black exudes seriousness, giving the office the gravitas it deserves. White complements it, evoking clarity and openness. Nuances of beige are woven in to add softness, ensuring the space never feels rigid or monotonous.

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The psychology behind these colors is clear. Architects and designers in this space experience a cognitive balance between decisiveness and creativity. The interplay of black and white enhances focus and encourages innovative thinking. It’s a place where creativity thrives within the defined parameters of precision.

Functionality Reigns Supreme

Functionality reigns supreme at 7ARC Design Office. This project demonstrates how good design and thoughtful placement can make a 300 sq. ft. space feel much larger. The circulation corridor, flanked by functional zones on each side, optimizes every square inch without compromising aesthetics or purpose. Every design decision is a conscious choice striving for the most efficient use of space.

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The nested seating area is multifunctional. It transitions effortlessly between a reading nook, a waiting area, or a contemplation spot. Warm, diffused lighting avoids harsh downlighting, nurturing an ambiance that fosters focus and comfort. A dynamic floor pattern made with tiles guides the circulation corridor, aligning with the natural flow of movement within the space. The continuation of lines on the ceiling and floor forms an invisible plane, guiding and unifying the spatial experience.

Harmonious Design Principles

Commitment to functionality extends to the orientation of work desks and the compartmentalization of space. The 7ARC Design Office is a space where the clash of black and white births creativity, where the past converges with the present, and where every element serves a purpose. This creates a harmonious symphony of design principles.

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Project Fact File:

Project Name7ARC Design Office
Area300 SqFt
LocationPalampur, Himachal Pradesh
Project CostINR 8,00,000 (approx.)
Design TeamArchitect Vakul Sharma

7ARC Design Office

Visit: https://www.7arc.in/home

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7arc.in/

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