Design Deconstruct: An Individualistic Expression

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Design Deconstruct is an example of individualistic expression. Design Deconstruct is a studio committed to creating new concepts of interior and building design. The studio believes in life-enhancing spaces that embody the client’s taste and requirements. Through their refined approach to design, they have developed a style that focuses on details and quality design. They believe that design stems from utility first and aesthetics later.

Design Concept and Philosophy

Design Deconstruct has designed and executed a five-level farmhouse with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 5 powder rooms for a family of four. The luxury farmhouse is located at Chattarpur Farms in New Delhi. The land area is 2500 square metres (26909.78 sq.ft.), the footprint of the house is 500 square metres (5381.96 sq.ft.) and the total built-up area is 2150 square metres (23142.407sq.ft.). The house brings out the flamboyant, larger-than-life, and individualistic style of its owners, Rishabh Kapoor and Monica Chadha, who are the directors of the Architecture and Interior Design firm, Design Deconstruct.

“We wanted a space that is opulent, yet practical,” says Rishabh, the inspiration behind this five-level sprawling farmhouse.

“We wanted a space that is opulent, yet practical,” says Rishabh, the inspiration behind this five-level sprawling farmhouse. “We aspire to create spaces which are a delight visually, but also relatively easy to maintain in the long run. Our focus was to have clean aesthetics and an uncluttered space,” explains Monica Chadha. She is the Director and Principal Designer at Design Deconstruct and has worked with Rishabh to create unique aesthetics within the house.

The house is decorated and designed with unorthodox design elements like floating crystal art pieces that adorn the ceiling, statement furniture pieces, life-sized paintings and sculptures. Bold architectural features such as massive double-height decks with balconies offer air circulation and open space that leads to panoramic views. The introduction of a different spatial volume to spaces gives the farmhouse an extravagant characteristic.

Space Planning

The space designed is in accordance with the family’s requirements. A figurine of a meditative Buddha adorns the entrance of the house. The entrance leads to the upper ground floor which comprises a study, pantry and a small lounge. The bare plastered walls, epoxy finished flooring and the HVAC ducts are seen through the exposed ceiling, giving the lounge a chic urban industrial charm. The lounge with an open floor plan has been designed to entertain guests in big and small numbers. 

“We aspire to create spaces which are a delight visually, but also relatively easy to maintain in the long run. Our focus was to have clean aesthetics and uncluttered space,” says Monica Chadha.

The Recreation Zone

The lower ground floor contains the recreation and entertainment zones. The floor accommodates an indoor swimming pool, a party hall with a massive drop-down screen and a karaoke system, a bar, a full-fledged gym with a steam and sauna, a salon with a massage bed and a shampoo station and a 10-seater home theatre with automated recliners. The family share common interests in movies and major sports events.

The First Floor Foyer

Two consoles decorated with malachite adorn the first-floor foyer. The first floor includes a formal drawing room, a dining room and the main kitchen. The drawing room accommodates two clustered seating areas with a grand piano that lights up the corner. The drawing-room displays paintings by by the renowned artist Thota Vaikuntham. The powder room is in a discreet corner. 

Dining Room

The dining room consists of a 10-seater dining table made out of a single piece of white onyx. The distinct feature of the room is a floating crystal piece that adorns the ceiling over the dining table, which glows when direct light falls on it. Artworks by Ramachandran add an exclusive touch to the decor.  A balcony serves as an extension of the dining room that stretches into the front courtyard and doubles up as an outdoor lounge.

The Staircase and Utility Spaces

The public and private places of the household have been demarcated to ensure privacy. The staircase provides connectivity between the public and private spaces. It has a lean rose gold railing, finished with Statuario marble and cove lighting. The utility area of the house has been demarcated for the staff to carry out the housekeeping duties efficiently. 

The Private Living Spaces

The second and third floor contain the private living spaces. The second floor has two master bedrooms, both of which have separate walk-in wardrobes and bathrooms. The rooms are approximately 60 square metres each, including the walk-in wardrobes, bathroom and dressing space. Artwork by Seema Kohli adorn the master bedroom walls. The third floor accommodates a master bedroom with an en-suite bath and walk-in wardrobe. It also includes two guest rooms that facilitate accommodation when the family is entertaining guests on various occasions. Both the guest rooms overlook the beautifully landscaped courtyards.

The Family Lounge

A double-height family lounge provides access to the serenely decorated pooja room, which forms the highlight of the second floor. The family lounge consists of a 26 foot (ca. 8 m) wall panelled with marble, veneer, steel and has solid wooden cornice details. The wooden flooring adds warmth to the room. The double-height space facilitates interaction between the passage on the third floor and the lounge on the second floor.

Custom Furniture Design

Design Deconstruct customised a majority of the furniture at their in-house manufacturing facility, which allows flexibility in style and proportion. The neutral tone walls are a perfect backdrop for exquisite furniture pieces, fantastic lights and artworks to decorate the spaces. With this kind of control over every aspect of the design process, the designers achieve a distinctive appeal.

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Photo Credits: Atul Pratap Chauhan


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