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Eris Home brings the elegance of Mughal architecture to the contemporary home with an exquisite new Spring-Summer collection.

Translating the geometry of jharokhas, jaalis and domes into delicate textural motifs, the Mughal collection is steeped in aesthetic detail.

The Mughal Collection

The enduring legacy of the Mughals receives an elegant homage in Eris Home’s newest collection of luxury cushions. The collection takes inspiration from the architectural heritage of the erstwhile empire, whose monuments permeate even the smallest by-lanes of New Delhi. Rich yet subdued sophistication characterises the eponymous “Mughal” collection. Delicate silver foiling, beadwork and hand embroidery on deep velvet create an enigmatic interplay of visual detail. The jharokhas, jaalis and domes that define Mughal architecture translate into intricate patterns. These are meditative to the eye and soothing to the touch. Much like the monuments that inspired it, the Mughal collection commands a striking balance between effortless luxury and eye-catching workmanship. The tones and textures of each piece in the collection showcase Eris Home’s intuitive ability to compliment exquisite design with soft, comforting finishes.

Zeenat, Nur, and Mumtaz

The “Zeenat” is an understated design in wine or royal blue. It is an ideal backdrop for a living room arrangement or as a simple accent in a minimalist palette. The “Nur” ornaments the sheen of grey velvet with an intricate pattern inspired by the iconic Mughal floral motif. Finally, the “Mumtaz” harkens back to the gilded glory that the Mughals are best known for. It complements the glimmer of grey or wine velvet with an exaggerated, dynamic geometry. 

Natural Fibres and Ahimsa Silk

The Mughal collection also continues Eris Home’s dedication to the environment. Crafted using natural fibres, ahimsa silk and minimal artificial intervention, the collection is completely sustainable. The brand makes an effort to produce and source the fabrics in the most ethical way possible. It thus paves the path towards a sustainable, responsible luxury lifestyle. Through a commitment to design, craftsmanship and sustainability, Eris Home succeeds in reviving the glory of the past with a focus towards a better future.

About Eris Home

Founded in 2017, with the aim to introduce the world to the beauty of Ahimsa Silk, Eris Home — a retail venture of the already vibrant business – ErisGlobal — believes in infusing responsible luxury with sustainable practices. The brand sources its materials ethically with the belief that luxury shouldn’t kill and thus uses “Ahimsa Silk” fabric in its collections. Helmed by Sanjana Lunia, the brand has made this conscientious commitment to the environment tangible through its beautiful creations.

Eris Home



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