Evolve India: Exploring New Corridors in Interior Surface Finishes

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In the constantly evolving world of interior design, Evolve India is advancing the frontiers with their novel surface finishes. Evolve India forecasted the industry trends in time and renewed the concept of metallic materials with their liquid metal finishes. Himanshu Shah is a connoisseur of metal and surface coatings industry for the past three decades. He and his daughter, Ms. Krishika Shah, founded Evolve India with an entrepreneurial spirit aspiring to give to the market what it lacks. In the subsequent interview, Krishika talks about how their ingenious innovation has the power to transform a rather simple surface into a uniquely textured metal surface. Evolve is therefore, a one-stop-shop where there is something for everyone. Be it, walls, doors, cabinets, furniture pieces, decor ware or even wall art, there is something for everybody.

Please familiarize us with what Evolve India is all about. How do you inculcate the sustainable proponent in your interior and exterior solutions?

We, at Evolve India, are passionate to combine creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation. This is to bring to the table, one-of-a-kind surface finishes that can cater to every design style and palette. We specialize in manufacturing handcrafted liquid metal and decorative concrete finishes that have versatile applications across interiors and exteriors. What started out as merely a smart home interior solutions company has now pivoted into a new-age surface design studio. It stands strong on the philosophy – ‘The future is bespoke’. With a penchant for intricate textures and modern designs, we ensure to offer avant-garde finishes that can redefine and transform the look of any flat, curved, or 3-D surface, effortlessly.

We use international green technologies in our coating processes. This allows us to work with water-based materials and ingredients instead of solvent-based or cementitious materials. Our water-based constituents have a low VOC and zero toxicity which helps us ensure an eco-friendly manufacturing methodology.

What are your best-selling products so far and why?

Our best-selling products include textured wall panels, door skins, and material kits. The textured wall panels offer a wide spectrum of styles, colours, and patterns for clients to choose from. More importantly, our wall panels are prefabricated. This means they are thus readily installable onto new or existing walls, helping clients to get their interior walls ready within a day. Another USP of the product is its versatility. These panels can be used to clad furniture pieces, cabinets shutters, and even wardrobe shutters, making them multi-functional.

Similar to the panels, our door skins also have a ready-to-install application, and can simply be applied onto new or existing doors. They’re available in beautifully patterned combinations of liquid metal and decorative concrete finishes. From bold and luxurious to subtle and contemporary – there’s a design for every need. One of the most appreciated door skins is the ‘brass crackle door’ which we manufactured for a client who wanted a luxe look for the entry.

Our Calce Lime Concrete Kits have been praised by contractors and applicators for their ease of application, durability, flexibility, and the possibility for a variety of textures. Our Instant Rust Kits have a DIY application that thus allows any layman to use the kit and give their walls, furniture pieces, and decor products vintage and rustic quality.

Could you walk us through your works in ‘Liquid Metal Finishes’? What value proposition do they bring to the existing market?

Liquid Metal Finishes are a revolutionary innovation by Evolve that has made it easy to incorporate real metal in interior and exterior spaces. Consisting of real metal particles in their liquid formulation, our Liquid Metal Finishes therefore inherit all the natural properties of real metals thereby replicating the look, feel, and strength of real metals in an artistically aesthetic way. For liquid metal coating, contractors spray on real metal any base substrate at an ambient temperature, forming a thin metal layer of 1mm to 2mm.

We call it the ‘future of working with metals’ because with liquid metal one can not only create textured designs but can also design with it on any small, big, flat, or curved fascia. If you have an old furniture table and want to change its look to a glamorous and elegant one without the hassles of using heavy sheets or casting, liquid metal can be your new best friend. This innovation has enabled architects and interior designers alike to create and curate unique metallic finish designs for their clients. Thus, the possibilities of texturing and playing with metal in interior design have now become potentially limitless.

We call it the ‘future of working with metals’ because with liquid metal one can not only create textured designs but can also design with it on any small, big, flat or curved fascia. 

What is the concept for ‘School of Textures?’

School of Textures is a manifestation of our love, passion, and enthusiasm to showcase to the world the potential of designing with materials like liquid metal, decorative concrete, and rust. With ‘School of Textures’, the fundamental goal is to thus create a digital community through which we can share our knowledge and expertise gained over the years, among design enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with new-age materials, tools, and techniques. We believe that art transcends mediums, and therefore want to show the diverse and versatile possibilities of design that are texture rich and unique.

While the school is primarily conceptualized for artists, product designers, furniture makers, contractors, and painters, it is accessible to any and every design lover from across the globe. The courses are structured to help beginners and experts alike in understanding the art of surface decor and introduce them to the world of textures.

The interior finishes industry is definitely fast-paced. What would you say are the current trends? What are a few finishes and materials that are here to stay?

In 2021, we have seen an increase in demand for concrete finishes. What was once considered as a ‘construction material’ best suited for an outdoorsy and raw look, is now seamlessly being incorporated into interior spaces for a contemporary and industrial look. Concrete finishes are being used everywhere today- from interior walls, floors, and furniture pieces to decor pieces, planters, and stationery items. When the “Pantone Colour of The Year 2021” was announced as ‘Grey’, people in the design industry optimized this trend by using decorative concrete finishes in interior spaces. Grey symbolizes strength, solidarity, and resilience, so that is definitely a trend that’s here to stay for a while. Resin finishes for decorative furniture pieces including tabletops, doors, centre tables, and coasters have also caught attention. Jute and cork are often used for rendering a naturalistic and organic sense to the spaces.

Another very noteworthy trend that has emerged is liquid metal being used as an alternative to metal fabrication and casting. Casting involves high costs and also restricts the flexibility to play around. However, with liquid metal finishes, we’re now seeing metals being used on flat, curved, and 3-D surfaces of any shape and size with absolute ease. Textured brass and copper liquid metal finishes are the chart-toppers in liquid metal. Brass effortlessly adds a sense of luxe to a space both in a plain or a textured finish. It acts as a highlighting element that can add that perfect pop of sheen, color, and luxury to a space, in a timeless way. Textured copper finishes have a naturalistic rose gold look, which once again helps to beautify and highlight smaller walls, furniture pieces, and accent pieces in a space.

When the “Pantone Colour of The Year 2021” was announced as ‘Grey’, people in the design industry optimized this trend by using decorative concrete finishes in interior spaces. 

However, the biggest trend is the surged use of eco-friendly materials in architecture and interior design. There is a groundbreaking awareness and consciousness that designers have garnered. It’s really amazing to see how technological innovations are making it possible for us to design sustainably.

Could you tell us more about your upcoming VR-supported showroom? What can end-customers as well as designers look forth to?

We’ve been working on understanding how we can better our customer experience when they visit us at the showroom. A key challenge is being able to visualize how a certain texture or finish would look on larger areas or curved surfaces. Using VR, we want to enable our customers to visualize the selected finishes in real-time on different surfaces. In this manner they are thus able to get the feel of what it would look like in their homes.

We are also looking forward to enabling a tour of our showroom using VR. This would thus help our designers and channel partners to understand the products better from the comfort of their offices. Therefore, we believe that the future is going to be technology-enabled. VR is going to be a big part of how our products reach customers.

What are you currently working on and what are the future trajectories for your firm?

We are currently in the process of launching Metal Lust Liquid Metal Kits. We have thus often been asked by product designers and contractors if they could create liquid metal surfaces by themselves. This led us to productize the material which will enable creative collaboration.

As a company, we love introducing innovative concepts and materials that help design better interiors. In the future, you can therefore expect to see many more unique textures designed using mixed media. We are also looking forward to introducing our own furniture range, for clients with an experimental, modern, and aesthetic sense.

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