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Excelsior Encon Private Limited is an engineering consultancy company involved in conceptualization and design development. It works in the arena of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and plumbing & fire fighting. Excelsior deals with multiple projects, each different from the other in terms of location, financial outlay, and proposed infrastructure. The company provides a varied range of services ranging from air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing, dire fighting, fire-detection, vertical transportation systems, extra-low voltage systems, building automation systems and security systems.

Excelsior believes in assessing the project related concepts multiple times to maintain the reliability and cost-efficiency of the project. The mission statement of the organisation is to create efficient and empowered buildings that truly resonate with the aspirations of the inhabitants. It does so while being responsive to the immediate society and mankind at large. The company aims at building an organisation that is driven by knowledge yet guided by values.

Mr Suvro Mukherjee, the Founder Director and Principal Consultant of Excelsior Encon firmly believes in designing the layout keeping in mind the sustainability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of the project. In an interview with Biltrax media, Mr Suvro has talked about the core beliefs of the company. He touched upon some important aspects such as Smart Buildings, Sustainable Building, and Building Automation Systems. He also spoke about the upcoming projects of Excelsior Encon Private Limited while giving an insight into his practice.

What led to the establishment of Excelsior Encon Pvt Ltd? Please provide us with an insight into your practice and the core values of Excelsior.

In the year 2011, when I was spearheading the operations for one of the prestigious consulting firms of India for their Eastern region, the company was sold to an American Conglomerate. The entire Design Team was extremely underwhelmed in one way. It was also happy with the fact that it will be a better learning experience for all of us on all technical parameters. But once the foreign partners started taking over the company, it was found that they were more interested and focused on the commercial part of the business rather than the technical enhancement of the company.

Eventually, our work as a consulting firm was getting limited to only billing and collection. They weren’t interested in investing our resources in sharpening our technical skills. This certainly was hampering the projects we had undertaken. We were not happy with the service we were providing and that was when Excelsior Encon Pvt. Ltd was formed. We got registered at the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Bhubaneswar on 20th June 2013 as an independent organisation. As a company we focused on offering consultancy services for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing sector. As an individual, I always desired to be an entrepreneur and give back to society from where I have taken so much. At that juncture of my life, I thought of venturing into a foray where I could design the system with a free mind, stepping in the shoes of the client. 

Insight into our Practice

Here in Excelsior, the ideas produced by experienced minds are transferred into the design of individual services, which are then cautiously nurtured by a team of skilled engineers to produce a flawless coordinated design. The committed team at Excelsior Encon Private Limited also ensures successful execution and completion of the project by continuous monitoring and supervision. Focus is given to ensure a unified approach to fulfil the multitude of specific requirements of each project, with a proven ability to meet all the requirements within pre-established financial limits. The engineering team working with Excelsior has gained credibility with its premier clients and developed an outstanding working relationship with the entire project team consulting building owners, architects, project management team, vendors, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers operating throughout the nation.

At Excelsior, we achieve, we design, we assess, and we deliver. 

Core values of Excelsior

We strive to achieve the best in the industry in terms of design aspects by keeping in mind the sustainability, the functionality of spaces, and the cost-effectiveness of the project. Apart from learning from our experience, we also grab knowledge from our valued clients which helps us to design more practically rather than going by the theoretical knowledge.  

Please describe the role of Smart Building Data in operations and maintenance. What are the benefits of a Smart Building?

Smart buildings are designed to provide a healthier, more productive, and comfortable space for the people staying in it. Be it a workspace or residence, Smart buildings provided with advanced climatic and lighting controls drastically improve the indoor air quality and lighting conditions. Today, in this post-COVID phase, having better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is one of the most significant aspects of life. It is in my opinion, is one of the major benefits of a Smart Building.

What are the major aspects that are taken into consideration while designing a Building Automation System (BAS) for a building?

BAS is an intelligent system of both hardware and software. It connects heating, venting, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), lighting, security, and other systems to communicate on a single platform. The main purposes of building automation systems are reducing energy consumption, reducing maintenance costs, improving occupants’ comfort and productivity, and extending the life cycle of the utilities. While designing Building Automation Systems, one major factors one needs to take care of is the cost of installation. These systems are expensive and are relatively new in India. It is certainly a challenge to design an effective BAS which has high output and efficiency and is affordable.  

The Modern Building Automation system (BAS) is equipped with many sensors and meters. Could you please name a few with their benefits?

Measuring, monitoring, or detecting a specific condition or state is the main function of a sensor. This can be accomplished either by the means of direct physical contact or indirect sensing. Sensors can broadly be classified as, Position Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Force Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Piezo Sensors, Fluid Property Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Strain Gauges, Photo Optic Sensors, and Flow and Level Switches. These sensors can be found in residential spaces, office spaces, cars, buses, trains, trams, computers, medical facilities, labs, power plants, restaurants, food processing factories, production lines etc. 

The most widely used sensors are Contact Sensors and Non-Contact Sensors. When direct physical contact is used with a sensor, the sensor is characterised as being a contact sensor. On the other hand, Non-contact sensors do not require physical contact for detection. Non-contact sensors, therefore, generally rely on technologies based on electrical, magnetic, optical, sonic, or other principles. They do not depend on physical contact or mechanical movement to obtain readings. 

In smart buildings, the main function of these sensors is to detect temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and air pressure. There are three common types of air quality sensors detecting three different elements, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, and Carbon Dioxide.

Excelsior Encon Private Limited lent its services in designing multiple commercial projects including malls, offices, residential projects, hotels, hospitals etc. According to you, which of these projects were highly challenging in terms of forming efficient strategies? 

In the past 9 years, Excelsior has been a part of multiple kinds of projects. These include IT/ITES, Malls, Offices, Residential Projects, Hotels, Hospitals etc. Every project is unique in its own way. It is also important to note that the requirements of different clients certainly differ from project to project.

Out of the projects we have dealt with so far, designing the RPSG Corporate Office was one of our most challenging projects. We were the MEP & Green Building Consultants for the Project. We had to coordinate with 10-12 separate teams from the Management, an Architect and 4 different Interior Consultants. But with an efficiently planned design, we were able to achieve the Platinum rating for the Building from IGBC (Indian Green Building Council). The other major project was the West Bengal HIDCO’s “Biswa Bangla Convention Centre”. This is one of the largest Convention Centres in India. 

What projects can we look forward to that Excelsior is a part of?

Currently, we are working on multiple kinds of projects. We have an interesting line-up in our pipeline. These include some prestigious projects like the HDFC Regional Headquarters (including two connected towers. One is 24 storied and the other being 19 storied) at the Eastern part of Kolkata. We are also working on healthcare projects. These include a 200 Bedded Super speciality Hospital, at Kolkata and, a 150 bedded Super speciality Hospital at Jamshedpur. Designing hospitality projects is one of our fortes. We are currently working on multiple 5 and 7-star luxury hotels and high-end resorts across India & Abroad. 

Excelsior Encon Private Limited

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