Garodia Group’s Approach to Real Estate and Material Selection

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With an illustrious history dating back to 1966, the Garodia Group has played a significant role in shaping Mumbai’s built landscape. Currently led by Mr Abhishek Garodia, the group has garnered a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and the successful execution of a diverse portfolio of projects. In an interview with Biltrax Media, Abhishek highlights the core principles and values that guide the Garodia Group’s decision-making process. Prioritizing customer value, sustainability, and community impact, they strike a careful balance between location, market trends, and financial feasibility. They maintain a dedicated team that actively seeks out the latest materials and conducts thorough assessments. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, they ensure that the materials chosen meet high standards and align with their project goals.

  1. What are the core principles or values that guide your decision-making process when it comes to real estate development?

As the Managing Director of Garodia Group, I adhere to certain core principles and values that guide our decision-making process in real estate development. We prioritize customer value, sustainability, and community impact, carefully balancing these principles with considerations of location, market trends, and financial feasibility.

  1. As a prominent player in the Mumbai real estate market, what are some unique challenges and opportunities you have encountered while shaping the built landscape of the city? 

As a key player in the Mumbai real estate market for the past 57 years, we have encountered unique challenges and opportunities while shaping the city’s built landscape. Mumbai’s high demand and limited space present both obstacles and opportunities for us. We excel in redevelopment projects, transforming existing structures into modern, sustainable homes. Additionally, we thrive in greenfield projects, creating vibrant communities from the ground up.

  1. Could you elaborate on the construction materials that Garodia Group generally deals with in its properties? Are there any specific materials or techniques that you prefer to use and why?

When it comes to construction materials, we prioritize durability and quality. We carefully select materials that align with our commitment to sustainability. Exploring innovative and locally manufactured products is integral to our approach, allowing us to incorporate sustainable materials and techniques into our properties.

  1. How does the choice of construction materials impact the saleability of real estate properties? Are there any particular materials that are more appealing to homebuyers or have a higher demand in the market? 

The choice of construction materials significantly impacts the saleability of real estate properties. We focus on using high-quality and durable materials that enhance the appeal of our properties and meet the expectations of today’s homebuyers. Materials may vary from project to project, such as the use of marble instead of tiles or high-quality windows rather than aluminium windows.

  1. In an industry that constantly evolves, how does Garodia Group stay updated about new materials or trends in construction? Do you actively seek out innovative materials, and how do you assess their suitability for your projects? 

We stay updated on new materials and construction trends through continuous learning. Our dedicated team actively seeks out innovative materials and assesses their suitability for each project. Rigorous testing and assessment help us ensure that the materials we choose align with our project goals and meet high standards.

  1. Could you elaborate on how the procurement of construction materials, including factors such as sourcing, lead times, and logistics, affects the overall time and cost of property development projects?

Efficient procurement is key, considering factors such as supplier reliability, lead times, cost, quality, and sustainability. We work with trusted suppliers after conducting rigorous quality checks, as any delays can significantly impact project timelines and costs.

  1. Let’s discuss your upcoming project, Girivan La Quinta. Could you share some details about this project and the unique features it offers to potential buyers?

Girivan La Quinta reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability. Despite significant challenges, we have managed to provide unique features for potential buyers. The project offers six levels of surface podium car parking, a distinctive and challenging feature for a project of this scale. We have also maximized green spaces, a remarkable achievement given the project’s size. Furthermore, we have incorporated large decks, ensuring panoramic views of the golf greens, and implemented east-west ventilation, among other notable features.

  1. Regarding the procurement of materials for Girivan La Quinta, how do you envision selecting and sourcing the necessary construction materials? Do you have any specific goals or strategies to ensure the quality and sustainability of the materials used in this project?

We have taken meticulous care in selecting and sourcing the materials for Girivan La Quinta. We have embarked on trips to various cities, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and others, to source stone and other necessary materials. We engage in brand presentations and meetings until we are fully satisfied with the products that align with our vision. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality products at optimal value, and we prioritize partnering with brands that share our commitment to delivering intrinsic value to end-users.

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