Hands Carpets unveil Urbane II Collection of Carpets

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Hands Carpets unveiled the exquisite Urbane II collection of carpets. The company, renowned for their handcrafted luxury carpets and rugs that have gone on to adorn some of the most prestigious palaces, hotels, institutions and residences across the world. The Urbane II collection comprises a series of hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets inspired by the dynamism and scale of urban architecture.

Urbanism is the characteristic way of interaction of inhabitants of towns and cities with the built environment. It signifies the dissemination of urban culture and the evolution of metropolitan society. Urbanism indicates a wide acquaintance with things and people, open-mindedness with change and individualism. It denotes modernization, mobility and abstraction and the decline of traditional patterned things. 

The Urbane II Collection of Carpets

From brutalist concrete cubes to sky-scraping structures in steel, the world of urban architecture is an ever-continuous documentary of the human spirit. Encompassing its many dimensions – fortitude, ambition, adaptability, and harmony, to name a few. Through shape, form, pattern, structure, and scale – many a hidden gem, a hidden story, in plain sight – which forms the base of the Urbane II collection. Beyond expressions of geometric abstraction, Urbane II presents emotive works of art for contemporary living.

The collection explores the influences of contemporary designs in the modern urban society of today and includes carpets that accentuate urban living, and innovative designs with an emphasis on structures, shapes and forms of buildings. 


The Fort Canning Tunnel in Singapore reminds us the relevance of green urbanism. The aim of this movement is to achieve a green and sustainable future and live a quality life. The design of the carpet highlights the significance of creating such havens within the city using concrete structures. 


The carpet got its inspiration from the São Bento Railway Station in Portugal. The design insinuates the railway track and the coming together of different paths. The angles, lines, triangles, squares and rectangles are all blending together somehow harmoniously.


The Vroenhoven Bridge is a site that integrates several multifunctional spaces where cultural events are organized. The framework is very optimistic and the balance of the design evokes naive modernism that is timeless. The carpet incorporates the linear elements and seamless curves of the architectural site into its design.


Inspired by a shopping centre that within an environment of complementary colours aligns people with a comfortable and harmonic mood. The carpet mimics the modern geometric pattern of a departmental store building exaggerating proportions and swooping angles.


To sustain in the fast-pacing environment of today can be a little hazy and challenging at times. The carpet demonstrates the grasp of shape in space, blurring the line between abstract art and geometry. The urban circus in the image shows insecurity and uncertainty. This also replicates in the carpet.

About Hands Carpets

Founded in 1881, in Bhadohi near Varanasi, by Mr A. Tellery (a pioneer of Indian handmade carpets), the business passed on to the Patodia family some decades later. Now, it is the second generation of Patodias who run the show.

Today, the brand is housed in some of the world’s most prestigious palaces, luxury hotels, and residences. But the crowning glory lies in having crafted one of the world’s finest hand-knotted carpets – with an incredible 4900 knots per square inch. While the label caters to clients across the world, Hands showrooms are at Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai.

New Hands carpet collections are introduced every season. There is also the bespoke design – completely custom-made, designed, sized, and crafted around a unique, personal expression.

Hands Carpets

Visit: www.handscarpets.com

Email id: del@hands-carpets.com

Contact: +91 93133 41775, +91 11 26806475/8


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