Karnataka: Union Minister Gadkari lays foundation for NH works worth INR 6,200 Crore

Unnati More Feb 23, 2024 0

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, on Thursday, February 22, inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for development works for roads and national highways worth a total expanse of INR 6168.41 Crore in Karnataka. These 18 projects cover a total length of 296.92 Km traversing through seven districts in the south zone.

The projects inaugurated by Nitin Gadkari include seven minor bridges on the Byndoor – Ranebennur highway worth INR 19.77 Crore (NH 766), railway over bridge at Vidya Nagar in Shivamogga at INR 43.90 Crore (NH 13), by-pass road bridge across Tunga River in Shivamogga built at INR 20.12 Crore (NH 206) and a bridge across the Tunga River at Tirthahalli constructed by spending INR 55.62 Crore (NH 169A).

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The minister also laid the foundation for projects worth a total expense of INR 2138.30 Crore in the Shivamogga district. These are:

  • Construction of the road between Mavinakoppa and Adugodi in Hosanagar (NH 766C) alongside the construction of bridges worth INR 313.56 Crore.
  • Construction of the road from Lion Safari to Anandpura (NH 206) at INR 653 Crore.
  • Construction of a 2-lane road between Byndoor and Nagodi (766C) at an estimated INR 394.95 Crore.
  • Developing a 4-lane road between Nellisara and Thirthahalli (NH 169) at INR 538.71 Crore.
  • Constructing a 4-lane road between Sandesh Motors and Harakere in Shivamogga (NH 169) by spending INR 39.5 Crore.
  • Construction of railway overbridges and bypass on NH 206 at an estimated INR 198.58 Crore.

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