Metalia Launch: Opulo Unveils Innovative Metal Facade Designs

Sakshi Agrawal Oct 21, 2022 0

Metalia Launch: Having marked its name in the industry with its premium wooden cladding, facade and deck solutions, New Delhi’s most trustworthy brand, Opulo, launched its newest brand Metalia on the 14th of October 2022.


The Founder of Opulo and Metalia, Kartikeya Batra welcomed the guest architects and panelists
into their Experience Centre located at MG Road, Sultanpur, New Delhi. This was a stellar
evening, since eminent 35 architects and interior designers from Delhi & NCR
were present under one roof. The brand Metalia is India’s leading tailor-made facade specialist, designing and providing bespoke envelopes in metal as the name suggests for luxury residential exteriors. From
aluminium fins, corten steel meshes, and fluted metal panels to three-dimensional, organic, and
parametric solutions, the brand offers a wide range in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes
for each system.

The event was curated by Ar. Himani Ahuja, Founder of One Digital and Designworx. At the
launch event, a synergetic session of five panel discussions, involving intriguing conversations
about Metal in facades, its various applications, sustainable aspects and its importance was
discussed amongst different practising architects sharing their ideas and experiences. The
architects on the first panel included Grigoria Oikonomou, Kamal Doshi, Rishu Anand, Vidhi
Bhandari and Naveesh Sharma, sharing diverse opinions on the different applications of metals
in projects- be it in cladding, panelling or facades. Panel B consisted of Soham Doshi,
Dhananjay Lakhanpal, Kartikeya Batra, Akshay Goel, Amit Gulati with thoughts on Parametric
facades crafted in metal- their efficiency, construction and environmental soundness in the
modern context. Panel C involved names like Ranjit Kaur, Chandrika Sahay, Anoop Singh,
Sanjay Sareen, Naina Miglani and Meenakshi Khanna which was a dialogue on the importance
and significance of Facade skins, divulging into how it would influence the industry’s future.

Expert Insights from Panel Discussions

The sustainability quotient of metallic elements was discussed among Panel D designers Debbayoti
Dey, Debaditya Goswami, Natasha Kochhar, Pooja Jain and Ritu Singh. Towards the end, Panel
E called upon famous names like Avinash Parimoo, Khushboo Madan, Sushant Verma, Harjas
Kaur, Ajay Nirmal, Deepanjali Chawla and Bhuvan Kapila, all discerning the importance of
facade design in different typologies, considering the form and function of the space. The event
was also attended by renowned names like Priya Doon, Sanjeev and Rashmi Tandon, Sumit
Malik and more.

The insightful conversations alongside experiencing the sample designs of the different types of
designs such as coin matrix, shingles, parametric facades, corten steel, copper, perforated metal facades was thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed by the leaders of the architectural fraternity, leaving them open to more unconventional ideas and even more tête-à-tête to dwell into.

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