Alok Agarwal, CMO Orient Bell Limited: Nation building and cultural contribution

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Orient Bell Limited is recognized as a leading manufacturer of tiles in India with a total production capacity of 30 million square meters annually. With impressive statistics and a comprehensive range of tiles, Orient Bell is at the forefront of industry innovations and nation-building. While this forefront showcases the immense value that it offers to the design and construction industry, their larger goal focuses on many nuances that define the country. These encompass a diverse spectrum – from Indian arts and crafts to working at the grassroots to digitizing its products and services. Biltrax Media spoke to Alok Agrawal, Chief Marketing Officer, Orient Bell Limited about these undertakings and their role in not only progressing the nation but also addressing concerns faced by the construction industry.

A brand is identified by the products, service and merchandise that it offers. Tiles are often perceived as cladding or an aesthetic finish to floors and walls. But undertakings by Orient Bell Limited have redefined possibilities with the humble tile.

Their latest offering is the Anti-viral Tiles that restrict spread of viruses on the surface and kill beyond 99% of viruses in 2 hours. Its predecessor is the Germ Free Tile launched in June 2020. While these tiles are available in various finishes, colours and patterns, it is interesting to note that Orient Bell devised the products in the wake of the given times of a pandemic-ridden world. While innovating in accordance with changing times is crucial, Alok Agrawal emphasises, “We have a holistic solution-approach to things, issues and challenges.”

Anti-viral Tiles by Orient Bell Limited 

Orient Bell is also investing in a larger goal of simplifying the Tile Purchase journey in the construction industry. Alok Agrawal explains, “Selecting a tile feels so over-whelming and complicated to the average customer, we believe that making things transparent and simple for architects, builders and designers will go a long way on growing this category.” Their online website has numerous filters to help you find the tile you want. It also shares popular tiles for any particular state or their availability. You can even find a tile similar to any image from the internet or any mobile phone photos without rummaging through physical catalogues.

One can also replace the selected tiles on mobile phone photos of your own living room in a few seconds! And the detailed specifications, tile properties and ideal usage makes it the best partner for your design needs. 

The digital-tools, new launches and innovations products are a direct outcome of what Orient Bell offers to the market. The exchange is commercial service as the buyer is offered an immersive experience and information to choose appropriate and aesthetic tiles for their space.

In addition, Orientbell Tiles is working towards enabling sustainable & better infrastructure in elementary schools in rural and urban areas. The tile is explored as an infrastructural aid. OBL has installed tiles whose surface double as whiteboards for writing OR as murals with educational content printed on them. The murals infuse a cheerful vibe in schools alongside aiding education, while the tiles are as functional as ever. 


Sanskriti Tiles by Orient Bell Limited 

While educational murals for schools are a part of their CSR activities, Orientbell Tiles’ Sanskriti Range contributes towards Indian arts and crafts. Sanskriti Range is inspired from myriad Indian heritage. It draws from its motifs, symbols, pigments, etc. from cultural offerings like rangolis, paintings, temple art and so on. From cultural significances to building infrastructure in remote areas to creating immersive digital experiences, Orient Bell encompasses diverse aspirations and goals by virtue of the tile. With lofty ideas and efficient execution, Orient Bell Limited is bound to create interventions for furthering progress, tile by tile. 

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