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A retrofitted apartment rethinking contemporary living.

Located in New Delhi, the Retro Nouveau Residence is an exemplary retrofitted project that blends neo-classical aesthetics with modern materials. The interior design entails the renovation of an entire floor unit that seamlessly merges three apartments into a contemporary haven. The dual-purpose design integrates a living space with neutral pastel tones and an office in the city for the clients, providing a unique living experience. What distinguishes this project is its commitment to preserving the essence of the existing site while elevating its interiors.

The interiors are a celebration of muted aesthetics, where exquisite moldings and thoughtful lighting choices create an ambiance of timeless elegance. The design elements are a symphony of textures—wood, gold, metal, stone, and veneer—subtly interwoven to create an artful play of juxtapositions. The bar counter in the living room acts as a focal point, featuring meticulously designed wall paneling and gold detailing, adding a layer of sophistication to the space. Every corner is thoughtfully crafted to enhance the architectural elements, accentuated using subtle and warm tones, creating an inviting aura that envelops the entire apartment.

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The office area is a testament to the fusion of style and functionality, serving as a multi-purpose space thoughtfully equipped with a pantry and conference rooms. Each piece of modern furniture is meticulously tailored and curated, serving not only to enhance aesthetics but also to optimize the workspace. The guest rooms provide comfort with complementary furnishings and a serene color palette, creating a tranquil retreat. The lighting is planned to enhance relaxation, allowing a soothing ambiance that complements the overall design. The segregated entry for the office ensures a clear distinction between the living and office spaces, promoting a calm and focused working environment.

The design of this city apartment adheres to a client brief that steers away from eclectic and sculptural elements. Open luggage racks contribute to a lighter visual aesthetic, optimizing space and creating an illusion of expansiveness. Designed to cater to the needs of the workspace within a guest house, the Retro Nouveau Residence strategically facilitates the collaboration of functional design and productivity. In addition, structural and facade details are preserved to retain the historical charm of the apartment complex from the exterior, and the interior walls remain untouched. This transformation upholds the essence of the fabric of the old building, ensuring the project’s structural integrity while reshaping and redefining its interior spaces.

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In essence, the Retro Nouveau Residence is not just a living space; it is a curated experience where every detail converges to redefine comfort in the heart of bustling urban life. By integrating various architectural elements, the office cum guest house seamlessly merges with its surroundings, allowing a fluid transition between the two making this retrofitted project a testament to the marriage of aesthetics and functionality.




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