Sangita Jhangiani: A quintessence of Sustainability, HVAC and MEP

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Sangita Jhangiani shares her thoughts about the quintessence of sustainability, HVAC and MEP. Enova is a consulting engineering firm in the field of HVAC & MEP. Founded in 1997, Enova is a spearhead of Sangita Jhangiani, a mechanical engineer with 25 years of work experience. Sangita is an IGBC LEED Accredited Professional, a member of CII-IGBC, ISHRAE and ASHRAE. Being committed to building in green concepts in her work, Sangita discusses the sphere of her practice and the effects of the pandemic on the industry.

MEPF, HVAC Services and Design

An efficient and habitable building design heavily relies on MEPF and HVAC services. Enova is an HVAC systems design specialist and co-ordinates the design of electrical, plumbing and fire-fighting systems. The firm has undertaken a range of work with practice ranging from simple residential projects to complex and detailed pharmaceutical projects. Some of their projects being high end residences, SL Raheja Hospital in Mahim, and some data centre projects. 

Different Design Typologies and their Needs

A data centre typology is different from a pharmaceutical company or any other kind of a warehouse. Sangita says, “The basic remains the same, but the application changes. You have to therefore tweak the design with knowledge on how things in the particular industry work.” In a pharmaceutical plant, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Thus, from the MEP perspective, a lot of coordination takes place; access control, sprinklers, plumbing etc.

On the other hand an example of completely unmanned buildings are data centres. The servers generate huge amounts of heat and hence the cooling requirement is excessive. Sangita cites, “Data centres have been one of my most interesting journeys. I started working on it when the first data centre came into the country. I worked on multiple projects with TATA communications, unaware of the market development, we tried to carry out each project differently.” With about 30 years of industry experience, Sangita is in par with the changes and understands novel techniques and application requirements.

Sangita says, “The basic remains the same, but the application changes. You have to tweak the design with knowledge on how things in the particular industry works.”

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Quarantine

With quarantine halting everyone in their tracks, the construction sector bore the brunt. The industry reeled with multiple challenges from lack of capital to lack of labour. Sangita says, “When the lockdown instigated, with the notion of it being for a short duration, it became a gala time. When it got extended, that was a challenge since the majority of my team members left the city.” Enova undertakes MEP and HVAC design instead of execution and hence continued working from home during the pandemic. 

Sangita says, “There were some projects in the design phase and had to be tendered, that work continued. The architect provided us with drawings, and all other necessities.” Difficulties emerged when the sites were not operational for 3 months. After this period when called for site inspections, Sangita herself had to fill in for all the local projects due to the absence of her team.

“There were two different hospitals I had to visit. I went to a hospital with over 150 COVID patients. I was very nervous but I thought about the project team working there daily, and went along with it and took all necessary precautions” cites Sangita. At a time when people were struggling to pay salaries, no one was ready to invest in projects. This took a lot of time and energy.

With no new businesses, next year will be challenging for Sangita, and is a matter of concern down the line for the industry as a whole. Working on projects like SL Raheja hospital, hotels in Nasik and Lucknow, a mall in Amravati and a 20 MW data centre in Mumbai, Sangita is thus keen about each of her projects and her knowledge about each application. With a modest practice she herself actively monitors each and every detail of the project. 

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