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Sakshi Agrawal May 04, 2021 0

Stone House by Within N Without exemplifies magnificence in stone. It is a residence that camouflages itself in the beauty of lush greens of Brahmagiri hill of Trimbakeshwar, Nashik. A brainchild of architect Shailesh Devi and team at Within N Without Architects, the spatial quality of this stone abode aligns with modern-day lifestyle while following the traditional flow of spaces. Stone House is built along the native contours of the site and is constantly in a dialogue with its natural context. 

Site Context and Analysis

The site’s most striking feature is the presence of mountains. Human association with mountains has been long regarded as an intimate connection to the divine in the Greek mythology, the Bible and other cultural institutions. This interrelation heightens with the breath-taking beauty of the hilly slopes of Brahmagiri mountain. The initial concept was based on a functional layout that draped itself along the terrain. Gradually, the design evolved in form and volume creating spatial and visual interest.

The expressive 2-bedroom villa in Beze is an ideal getaway with sober stone interiors and access to the glamorous Godavari.

Access to this 1200 sq. ft. house is through a journey of unfolding views that resonates the experience from the landscape thus giving the native flavour to its architecture that belongs to this place. The built mass physically adapts to the site slope to create a unique spatial experience. The main walls create tapering volumes merging into the alluring greens of the hills. A hammock near the dining court adds a playful element and enhances the dynamics of the court. 

The Interiors

The semi-enclosed living space on the ground offers a platform to enjoy the scenic views from the surrounding landscape and thus truly becomes the centre of this residence where the landscape directly flows in. The deep shaded place serves as a retreat during summer day or, any evening or early morning. It is a quiet place for reading and relaxing, a pause point to look over which also turns out to be an interactive place to sit and talk with family and a congregation space for social gathering.

It becomes difficult to determine who is the main protagonist – the building or its environs. 

Stone House is an interesting design intervention in the hills where stepped terrain and local materials have been exploited to their best use. Such buildings exemplify the acumen of stone as a modern construction material. It becomes difficult to determine who is the main protagonist – the building or its environs. 

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