Tamil Nadu: Offshore wind farm project at VOC to cost INR 450 Crore, producing 500MW in phase-1

Unnati More Apr 22, 2024 0

The Union Shipping Ministry is planning to develop an offshore wind farm at VOC Port in Thoothukudi, with an estimated project cost of INR 450 Crore. The VOC Port will build infrastructure to produce 500 MW from offshore wind under its first phase.

The tender to develop the offshore wind farm would be floated in July or August after the elections. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy will oversee the development. According to a study conducted by the Centre of Excellence for Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy, VOC Port was found to be an ideal location for an offshore wind terminal.

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According to the India Offshore Wind Ports Study, the total cost involved in building the new terminal was initially estimated to be INR 965 Crore. This includes dredging and shore protection among other works. But a cost analysis carried out by the port suggested that the cost involved is around INR 450 Crore.

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