The Auura Interior Design Studio: Weaving client stories and building bespoke spaces

Shriya Goyal Nov 30, 2021 0

The Auura Interior Design Studio was co-founded by Shaily Ganatra along with her husband Kalpesh Ganatra in 2017. The Rajkot-based firm dabbles in projects on a monumental international scale in countries like Netherlands, Dubai, and Africa. With the motto “We Listen, We Create, You Enjoy,” the firm  designs stunning spaces that soothe and serve their owners. Shaily Ganatra drives us through her practice and future endeavours.

‘The Auura’ stands for reliability, innovation, and professionalism, all of which can only be achieved with the help of my team of dedicated co-designers. 

Can you take us through the evolution of your practice? How did it start and what were the challenges and learnings that shaped the studio into its current form?

After graduating from the Rashtriya Shala NSID Rajkot, I wanted to add to my skills and got a degree in fashion designing from IFJD in 2016. The motive to stay in touch with my spiritual side, led to studying advanced tarot card reading. Support and encouragement from family directed me to be in charge of large scale exhibitions for fabrics and garments. 

In 2013, I worked with Sparsh Design Studio, as an associate interior designer, honing my skills and learning the ropes of being a successful entrepreneur. I learnt to juggle multiple projects at once while working as a stock exchange arbitrager and freelancing as an interior designer from home. After establishing myself as an experienced interior designer, I got the confidence to start my own studio in 2017. ‘The Auura’ stands for reliability, innovation, and professionalism, all of which can only be achieved with the help of my team of dedicated co-designers. 

Among all your projects, which was your most challenging/interesting project? Can you elaborate on the project?

The most challenging project is in Kampala, Africa. It is 1 lakh sq.ft. area, where the team is designing 14 flats and 3 penthouses. The flats are designed to be given for rent while the penthouses are designed for the owners. Being in Africa, this project proved challenging by the use of various unconventional materials. This has thus been a continuous learning process for the Auura IDS team. Design solutions and schematic strategies are being provided that match the culture and traditions of the site. The project finalizing took place during the dire times of the pandemic. This resulted in most of the discussions being held digitally. which made work for us quite challenging. While this has been a testing project, it has also been the most inspirational. It is overwhelming to see that a huge scale project such as this has become the talk of the town! 

What are the future endeavours for your firm in terms of the design process, upcoming projects, research and initiatives that we should look forward to?

We have been working on a diverse range of projects. The Auura IDS team is designing home interiors in Rajkot for one of our clients that revolves around a completely bespoke traditional touch, entirely impersonating her charismatic persona. Another one of our clients, Mrs Rivaba Jadeja, wife of the renowned cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, has entrusted us with the design of her other home at Jamnagar. The other upcoming project is a Villa design. The design of this stand alone villa explored and incorporated sustainable materials in construction and interiors.

The Auura Interior Design Studio



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