UDC Homes Unveils Wallpaper Collection ‘Noor’ 

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UDC Homes unveils wallpaper collection ‘Noor’ that is an ode to the nostalgic journey of the illustrious Indian heritage and culture

UDC Homes latest collection of wallpapers titled ‘Noor’ pays homage to the skilled craftsmanship of the artisans and India’s glorious architectural history. Deriving inspiration from the Arabic word ‘Nur’, which means light, the fresh, vibrant wallpaper prints represent the many shades of nature and beauty — the flutter of a bird — a touch of verdure — and the calm before sunset. 

Rendered by local artisans, the hand-painted collection shows the tactility and earthiness of the Indus Valley Civilization to the extravagance of the Mughals. The wallpaper collection encapsulates the motifs from the decadent hallways of the mahals of Jaipur and Udaipur to the exotic flora and fauna that maps the axis of this country. Take a deep dive into the mesmerising world of art, culture and architectural marvels through the eclectic Noor Collection.


Bhuvan is a mesmerizing tribute to the jungle with leaf motif accents and peacock, elephant, deer and tiger. Manifested and hand-painted in a distinctive style, the wallpaper is an escapade to the deep forests of India.


The Mughal-inspired wallpaper oscillates between a jharokha, a traditional window, and a chatr, a native pergola style used commonly in temples or the colourful cloth umbrellas used by Maharajas. With an understated texture in the background, the pattern is your gateway to bringing the outdoors inside – creating a simply enviable design.


Lattice or Jaalis adorned the Mughal architectural style while allowing ventilation. This bespoke wallpaper is a modern interpretation of this architecture. Simulating the look of bamboo or cane, the sustainable wallpaper revisits the era.


Traditional interior designs were ornate with Booti’s and motifs, especially floral themes. Pushp pays homage to the rhetoric monuments like the floral, inlaid marble patterns in the Taj Mahal.


Traditionally cheaper means a pattern of vertically connecting streets. This wallpaper collection’s mellowed medley of patterns unravels the understated yet intricate paint into a geometric ecstasy.


The cheerful yellows give way to mesmerizing browns and darker hues as the evening sets in. Saanjh is a repertoire of muted textures and delicious tones of browns that serve as a neutral backdrop for contemporary interiors with a touch of luxe.


Savera has touches of Indo-Chinese prints with scenic designs, exotic scenography, and birds with transportive motifs. The pattern brings in natural elements and textures. It incorporates the yesteryear vibes, especially the famous Silk Road when trade flourished between India and China.


In the rainy season or sawan nature blooms. Encapsulating the whiff of the first rain and the lush greenery, this dreamy wallpaper captures the rainy season’s essence with serene and soothing designs. The bold patterns are offset with neutral shades to bring drama without competing with your current decor.


For centuries, the gilded patterns of intricate weaves and jaal have adorned the railings of heritage buildings in India. Sitara is a throwback to the more miniature spangles of Salma Sitara, merging the elaborative patterns letting the minuscule gold motifs shine.


India is a treasure trove of art forms. Vyom takes a cue from its rich heritage to showcase animals and birds. The calming hues and patterns are a dialogue in tactility — presenting a contemporary reinterpretation of the Megalithic Period.

About UDC Homes

Founded by Mrs Neha Jain, UDC Homes has been at the forefront of innovative decor solutions for the past 25 years. One of India’s largest paint retailers for more than a decade, UDC Homes unveiled its wall coverings division in 2014 under the supervision of Mrs Neha Jain, Interior and Wallpaper Expert, UDC Homes. Believing in the philosophy that the perfect finishing touch enhances the ambience of a space, the company designs and curates its wallpaper collection for retail and distribution to global retail giants.

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