unGREY – Winning Hearts with Flying Colours

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UnGREY is a project that is winning hearts with flying colours. The project, unGREY, is a lesson in “Bold is Beautiful.” This Mumbai home designed by ZERO9 Architects makes a powerful statement using colours that energise the space with a cache of bright and cheery hues. Owing to the clients’ fascination with colour and their desire to have it throughout their homes, the architects used striking colours in all elements. These include wall colours, wallpapers, accent furniture, doors, furnishings, and decor. From vivid blues to juicy oranges, and happy pinks to striking greens, a tour of this house will gradually reveal many favourites from your crayon box. The playfulness of these colours reflects the very spirit of the residents.

This lavish 4 BHK Apartment aptly called unGREY, filled with vibrant, flying colours suffuses a new definition of serenity while winning hearts. The architects, Prashant and Anu Chauhan say, “The second wave of COVID-19 showed some of us the most ‘Grey Times’ we have seen in our entire lifetimes, and right after this period the clients approached us to make a self-sustaining, happy home which reflected their panache for colours.” The house accommodates a small family of three. Two dogs, a housekeeper, and visiting parents also live here. 

Living Room

The architects have used the principle of colour blocking in the living area to create a bold aesthetic appeal. While having defined spaces and functions, the living, dining, and bar areas have a fluid spatial quality. They’ve used walls and floors as canvases, pouring blocks of different colours to form an artistic expression. This also divided the spaces to create an open-plan layout. The furniture acts as a wonderful accompaniment to the backdrop.

Every element of the living room becomes a style statement. A juicy orange console is a creative approach to storage and display. The swing seamlessly integrates into the layout. The bold, red oval bar unit pops from the turquoise wall and sets its own identity. Patterned upholstery, chic décor, and dramatic planters create an atmosphere of enchantment.

Every element of the living room becomes a style statement.
A juicy orange console is a creative approach to storage and display.

The kitchen is a separate entity where the colour blue permeates the cabinets, back-splash, as well as walls. This creates a bold statement while rendering a refreshing atmosphere. The vibrant pink colour used in the gym provides a visual that stimulates energy during workouts. 

Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom features green accents along with beige tones imparting serenity to the room. A botanical wallpaper brings an ecological conscience to the room, heightening the tropical feel. The walk-in closet has hand-polished louvred doors in emerald green opening into the master bath. The black and white patterned flooring in the master bath creates drama. The architects have coated the bathroom walls with green micro-concrete, giving it a monolithic design that is seamless and free from joints. The floating vanity in the bathroom has mirrored shutters that reflect light and make the bathroom appear larger.

The Daughter’s Bedroom

The Daughter’s Bedroom is a pastel-pink escape to a fantasy land full of dreamy hues, patterns, and textures. A bunk-bed setting gives the appearance of a multi-purpose playhouse which has room for activities like reading, playing, and sleeping. Having such a bunk-bed arrangement ensures that the child remains active by climbing up and sliding down the bed structure. These blush shades extend into the bathroom as well, with the application of micro-concrete on the existing walls.

Her Home Office

‘Her Home Office’ is a mini library with a cosy chair to read and relax in. The custom-made, blue terrazzo top, work desk by the window has a lift mechanism which provides the user flexibility to stand or sit while working. The electric indigo blue pairs beautifully with the wooden floors laid in a chevron pattern and sets a nice setup for the sculptural feminine swan lamp. 

His Home Office

Contrary to the multi-hued scheme of the house, ‘His Home Office’ is colour-starved. Basic greys and warm browns give a relaxed pace to the room, creating an excellent den for him to cut-off distractions and concentrate on his work. Explaining the versatility of the designed spaces, the architects explain, “The space doubles up as a guest bedroom when required, with a sofa-bed and movable desk setting, that gets tucked into the furniture when not required.”

By creating a cocktail of colours, the architects have ensured that there’s no dearth of colour in the residents’ lives, making unGREY a home with flying colours that’s winning hearts.

“In short, this is a home, as unGREY as its lovely dwellers.”


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