Urban Zen presents a collection of cozy interior decor for this winter season

Shriya Goyal Dec 22, 2021 0

A proponent of independent thinking and creative change, Designer Rohit Suraj, founder and CEO of Urban Zen, is committed to designing and delivering living environments that are timeless, experiential, and leaning on the edge of design innovation. Executor of a vast spectrum of projects of varying scales and profiles, his level of attention to detail and dramatically different designs deliver a strong message. Instilling imagination and elevating human spirits, Rohit brings forth and presents warm winter decor for cozy interiors by Urban Zen.

Winters are that time of the year which commence with celebrations and festivals encapsulated by warmth and comfort. A dislike for cold weather might end up pushing you indoors every winter, thus here are a few tips to elevate your space in style and get it cozy for this holiday season!

The foremost idea of creating comfort is to understand that it comes before style. Aesthetics can be a part and parcel of the process but it cannot always be soothing. Comfort can be stylised by adding layers of furnishings to the space. A couple of furry cushions on the couch followed by rugs around side-tables and soft knitted blankets make a nice way to snuggle into winters. Winter decor needs to be soothing to the eyes, eliminating extravagant pieces and keeping the mantelpiece look subtle yet attractive. Winters present the perfect opportunity to use old leather arm chairs or chaise lounges. 

The colour palette of the décor could be tilted towards warm hues like red, orange and yellow, to bring about a sense of warmth in your home. Metallic décor and embellishments can be replaced with wooden/ jute pieces for a palette of natural colours instead of glistening materials. Tan leather adds depth to a space making an intense statement. Pastels and tints like off white, beige and peach can be a pleasing choice. Beige dream catchers on a plain wall can transform the look and feel of your space. The addition of a few indoor plants can brighten up a room and give it a lively appearance. Indoor plants like chinese evergreen, dracaena, english ivy and maidenhair fern need protection from direct sunlight, making them a great option during this cold season.

Lighting too can be made ambient by using candles and fairy lights in corners. A lighting temperature between 3000k and 4000k is a simple yet effective way to compensate for the weather outside. Winters are best enjoyed and made cozy by creating specific corners that help you relax and do what you love. If you are a reader, you could house a reading nook with a stylish lamp by the seat. If watching the weather outside delights you, a bay bench with overflowing furnishings and candles by the side would be perfect! These styling tricks will make your abode feel warm and cozy during this biting winter.

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