Work commences on 2.9 Km Assonora Bypass to alleviate traffic

Unnati More Jun 05, 2024 0

After significant delays, work has finally commenced on the 2.9 km Assonora bypass in Goa. Funded by the state government, this project is estimated to cost INR 160 Crore. It is expected to be completed within 18 months.

MVR Construction Pvt Ltd is entrusted with the construction of the Assonora bypass. It will stretch from Sirsaim to Mulgao, connecting with the existing road. The project’s key features include a bridge across the Assonora River as well as an underpass for Shirgao Road. Additionally, cattle passes will be constructed as the bypass traverses agricultural fields.

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This bypass will further alleviate traffic congestion along the state highway, offering much-needed relief to motorists. Moreover, the upcoming Assonora bypass is expected to be a significant infrastructure upgrade, addressing the narrow and congested existing road in the Tivim constituency.

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