Ayodhya’s Next Chapter: Green Field Township Project Breaks Ground

Rutuja Kedare Jan 03, 2024 4

Ayodhya City, renowned for its spiritual significance, is undergoing significant urban development with the Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board’s (UPHDB) Green Field Township (GFT). Valued at INR 2,180 Crore, this project covers 1407 acres in the villages of Manjha Shahanwajpur, Manhja Barhata, and Manjha Tihura, with an additional 448 acres in planning. The initiative is a direct response to the increasing tourist influx following the inauguration of the Sri Ram Janm Bhumi Temple.

The foundation stone for this township was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 30, 2023. The state government has begun online applications for plot allocations for mutts, ashrams, Dharamshala, and other commercial purposes.

Ram Mandir

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Phased Progress of Ayodhya’s Green Field Township

The ambitious Green Field Township project is strategically planned in two phases. The first phase, encompassing 683 acres, is on course to be completed within the next three years, with 318 acres already secured. Simultaneously, the second phase covering 754 acres is in the acquisition stage, targeting possession by May 2024. Furthermore, an additional 448 acres are under acquisition, with a planned possession date of December 2024.

Development Highlights of Phase One

In the initial phase, significant strides have been made, earmarking 28 plots ranging from 1,966 SqM to 10,417 SqM each for mutts and ashrams. Complementing this, there are 12 commercial plots with sizes varying from 1,543 SqM to 9,252 SqM, poised for allocation.

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Environmental Clearance and Infrastructure Enhancements

The Government of India has granted environmental clearance for the entire Green Field Township scheme. Notably, the NH-27 segment within the township is undergoing a transformation into an ‘Elevated Corridor’ by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), backed by INR 270 Crore funding from UPHDB. Furthermore, the upgrade of the Ayodhya Bilhar Ghat Bund road to a four-lane roadway is underway, enhancing connectivity to NH-27 (Near Naya Ghat) and Ambedkar Nagar NH. The approved transportation layout plan involves active collaboration with IIT Roorkee for design and Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation.

Thoughtful Design Integration

The design of the township is carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate with Ayodhya’s rich cultural landscape. Traditional architectural elements and local craftsmanship will be prominently featured in buildings and public spaces, ensuring the township harmonizes with the city’s existing character.

World-Class Facilities and Promising Prospects

Tata Consulting Engineers are spearheading detailed layout planning and the design of recreational spaces. With 20 bids for 12 hotel properties and 28 applications for mutt plots, the project exhibits promising prospects. 

As the township gears up to introduce hotel, mutt, residential, and other land-use plots in upcoming sectors, development is poised to accelerate. These plots are scheduled for bidding and registration before March 2024. The Green Field Township Ayodhya signifies not only a development project but a vision of progress and a promising future for the region.

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