From Tradition to Innovation: The Evolution of ILDL’s Lighting Design Under Vikram and Aryaman Jain

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Innovative Design Group (IDG) is at the forefront of lighting design, masterfully integrating aesthetics, artistry, and technology to transform spaces. Founded by Vikram Jain in 2006, and joined by his son Aryaman Jain, IDG specializes in both architectural and decorative lighting through its two verticals, ILDL and IDS. Their collaborative efforts have led to a harmonious blend of technical acumen and creative vision, resulting in standout projects. This Father’s Day, we explore how their shared passion for lighting design has not only elevated their work but also enriched their personal relationship.

1. Vikram, what initially drew you to the field of lighting design, and how did your early experiences shape the foundation of Innovative Design Group?

Vikram Jain: I started in this field dealing with fixtures for architectural lighting. When I got introduced to how power lighting can transform a space, it sparked my interest further, leading me to research and study international markets. Seeing a gap in the Indian market, I decided to bridge it by introducing international brands to India, which laid the foundation for Innovative Design Group.

Innovative Design Group (IDG)

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2. Aryaman, what inspired you to join the family business, and how do you view your role in continuing and evolving the company’s legacy?

Aryaman Jain: My fascination with the technical aspects of lighting design has always been a driving force for me. My passion for its transformative power led me to study the field more deeply and eventually join the family business. Today, I focus on expanding our portfolio of partner brands by introducing decorative lighting brands through Innovative Design Studio.

3. How has the transition from Vikram’s established legacy to Aryaman’s leadership impacted the overall direction and functioning of ILDL? Have there been any noticeable changes or shifts in the firm’s approach or philosophy during this transition period

As we have grown, the focus on marketing and communication styles has evolved to cater to a younger design market, reflecting a more modern and dynamic approach.

4. Aryaman, with your academic excellence and passion for innovative lighting, how do you envision your role in evolving your father’s legacy at ILDL while embracing modern industry advancements?

Dad is equally up-to-date with modern industry advancements, so we work as a team, constantly helping each other evolve our thought processes and integrate contemporary ideas into the business.

ILDL's Lighting Design

5. Vikram, as the visionary founder of ILDL, what is your long-term vision for the company’s growth and impact in the industry? How do you see Aryaman’s role in realizing this vision and adding a modern touch to the firm’s legacy

I aim to help the country experience the best in lighting design and evolve itself in this domain. Aryaman’s passion for learning brings fresh ideas, which are crucial for adding a modern touch to our legacy and realizing our long-term vision.

6. Can you share a particularly memorable project where your collaboration resulted in an exceptional outcome

The launch of Innovative Design Studio was particularly memorable. Aryaman handled it fully from end to end and did an amazing job. I felt incredibly proud of his achievement.

7. How does IDG’s philosophy of integrating aesthetics, artistry, and technology manifest in your projects? Can you give specific examples?

Our heritage projects are a great example of this philosophy. We seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal, artistic elements, and cutting-edge technology to create stunning and functional designs.

8. How do your personal interests and professional skills complement each other in the business?

As a family, we love to travel, which exposes us to the latest design trends in the market. This shared interest enriches our professional skills and inspires our work.

9. What strategies do you use to manage disagreements or differing opinions in your professional relationship?

We always assess the pros and cons and proceed with what is best for the company. Keeping an open table for all ideas and listening to each other is key to managing disagreements effectively.

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ILDL's Lighting Design

10. What are some groundbreaking technologies or techniques that IDG has introduced to the Indian market?

We have introduced several groundbreaking technologies, including advanced LED systems, smart lighting solutions, and energy-efficient designs. Our focus has always been on integrating the latest innovations to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

11. What advice do you have for young designers aspiring to enter the field of lighting design?

Stay curious and keep learning. The field of lighting design is constantly evolving, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Also, develop a strong foundation in both the technical and artistic aspects of lighting to create truly transformative designs.

12. How do you envision the future of IDG in the next decade, considering the rapid advancements in lighting technology?

In the next decade, I envision IDG continuing to lead the industry by adopting cutting-edge technologies such as AI-driven design tools, and sustainable lighting solutions. We aim to expand our portfolio, collaborate with global innovators, and set new benchmarks in lighting design.

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Innovative Design Group (IDG)



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