Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor (MAHSR)/ Bullet Train

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India’s vast railway network carries billions of passengers and tonnes of freight every year. Now, it is set to revolutionize its 167-year-old system. This transformation will come through high-speed rail (HSR) corridors, commonly known as bullet trains. As symbols of futuristic travel, HSR will significantly boost economic growth, environmental sustainability, and regional development. These bullet trains will connect major economic hubs, further enhancing productivity, and reducing road congestion. 

Introducing a high-speed rail corridor in a country marks the start of a transportation revolution. Therefore, choosing the first route is very crucial. The Mumbai – Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) Corridor meets all the above requirements.

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Project Overview

The MAHSR corridor is India’s first high-speed railway line, heavily influenced by Japanese standards and expertise. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) appointed a Japanese design consultant (JICC) to develop the designs.

Spearheaded by NHSRCL, the MAHSR project spans 508 kilometres. Starting from Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), the train will halt at 10 cities before terminating in Sabarmati. These are namely Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, and Ahmedabad. 

The entire journey will be completed in 2.07 hours with limited stops (at Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad). Current estimates suggest nearly 17,900 passengers will use the corridor daily at the start of services. By 2053, about 92,900 passengers are expected to use the MAHSR system each day.

Bullet Train Route Map
Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Route Map

Key Elements

A majority of the corridor is planned to be elevated, on a viaduct (465 km). Approximately 90% of the alignment is elevated and constructed using the Full Span Launching Method (FSLM), which is faster than conventional methods. This minimizes the need for extensive land acquisition and reduces the project’s overall environmental impact. 

Additionally, the corridor will comprise tunnels (26 km), bridges (9 km), and embankments (13 km) along the entire journey. It features 24 river bridges, with 20 in Gujarat and 4 in Maharashtra. Five bridges have been completed over the Purna, Ambika, Mindhola, Par, and Auranga rivers.

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MAHSR Packages

The total estimated project cost is INR 108,000 Crore and it is progressing in 9 packages. The authorities have awarded all civil contracts and completed 100% land acquisition. It will comprise 12 aesthetically designed stations, eight maintenance depots, and three rolling stock depots. Moreover, it features an HSR training institute in Vadodara and a High-Speed Rail Multi-Modal Hub in Sabarmati.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package C1 (BKC Station)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

This package includes the design and construction of civil and building work for:

A double-line high-speed railway for Mumbai underground station, cut and cover tunnel, and shaft-1.
From MAHSR Km -0.255 to Km 0.775 at BKCINR 400 CroreAs of June 2024,

BKC Station Foundation Work is in Progress.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train Package C2 (BKC – Shilphata)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

The proposed package envisages tunneling work between BKC Station and Shilphata Station.
30 Km
INR 6,400 Crore

As of June 2024,

Afcons Infrastructure completed tunneling work for a 394-meter-long Additionally Driven Intermediate Tunnel (ADIT).

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, MAHSR-C3 (Thane – Boisar)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

This package is elevated and is the longest in Maharashtra, connecting Shilphata to Zaroli (chainage Km 21.150 – Km 156.600). 

It features three elevated stations located at Thane, Virar, and Boisar
135.45 km
INR 15,697 Crore
As of June 2024,

Foundation work is in Progress at Thane and Palghar.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package C4 (Vapi – Bharuch)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design & construction of:

A 237 km viaduct with an elevated portion from Zaroli Village on the Maharashtra – Gujarat border to Vadodara Station through 4 stations in Gujarat: Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, and Bharuch.

It also includes the construction of the Surat Depot, 14 river crossings, 42 road crossings, 6 railway crossings, and one 350-meter tunnel through a hill.
This package represents 46.6% of the total length making it the longest amongst all the packages.

237 km viaduct
350-meter tunnel 

INR 3,000 Crore
As of June 2024,

– Vapi Station Structure of Pillers Work is in Progress.- Bilimora Station 30% Structure Work is Completed.

– The laying of the Viaduct is in progress all over the project.

– Surat Station 20% Structure Work is Completed.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package C5, Vadodara

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design and construction of civil and building work for:

Double-line HSR for Vadodara Station, Confirmation Car Base, Viaducts, Bridges, Crossing Bridges, and Associated works.

(The HSR station will be built above the existing platform no. 7 of the Vadodara station).
Main line between chainage Km 393.700 and KM 401.898 within Vadodara city.
INR 2,000 Crore
As of June 2024,

– Overall 45% work of the Bharuch Station is completed.

– Well foundation work is 50% completed at Narmada River.

– Pier Work is in progress between Baruch and Vadodara.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package C6 (Anand – Nadiad)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design and construction of civil and building work for:

Viaduct & bridges, crossing bridges, maintenance depot and station (Anand/Nadiad), between Vadodara and Ahmedabad, excluding works for 1no. PSC Bridge and 4 No. steel truss bridges in Gujarat.
This package represents 17.2% of the total length, running elevated from the outskirts of Vadodara to Ahmedabad in Gujarat with one station at Anand/Nadiad.
INR 2,000 Crore
As of June 2024,

– Kheda GAD-31 Structure work is 50% Completed.- Anand Station Overall 50% of the work is Completed.

– Mahi River Well Foundation work is in progress.

– The laying of the Viaduct is in progress at Anand.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package C7 (Ahmedabad – Sabarmati)

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design and construction of civil and building work for:

2 Stations, Viaduct & Bridges, Crossing Bridges (excluding fabrication and transportation of steel truss girders) and associated works.
From MAHSR Km. 489.467 and MAHSR Km. 507.599 in Gujarat.
INR 3,430 Crore

As of June 2024,

– Ahmedabad Station Structure work is in progress (50% completed).

– Casting Yard work is in progress (30% Completed).- Foundation work for the Pier is initiated at Sabarmati River.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train (Package D2), Sabarmati Depot

Package Cost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of Sabarmati Depot consisting:

Workshop, Inspection Sheds, various buildings, Maintenance Facilities, and associated works on a Design-Build Lump Sum Price Basis.

INR 1,000 Crore
As of June 2024,

– Construction of bullet train platforms is 40% Completed.

– The Finishing work of the Passenger Terminal Building is in progress with Shed Work 40% Completed.

Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train, Package T2 (Zaroli – Vadodara)

Package T2 in Gujarat is the first and longest of three-track-related packages (T-1, T-2, T3) of this HSR line.

Package Package LengthCost (INR-Crore)Project Status

Design, supply, and construction of:

Track and Track related Works including Testing and Commissioning between Zaroli Village and Vadodara.
From Zaroli Village at Maharashtra-Gujarat Border (MAHSR Km. 156.600) and Vadodara (MAHSR Km. 393.700)
INR 590 Crore
As of June 2024, Around 45% of Track laying work has been completed.

Additionally, the Mumbai–Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) project showcases several technological marvels, demonstrating cutting-edge innovation in engineering and construction. From tunneling under the Arabian Sea to constructing HSR stations over Indian Railway tracks, these advancements represent India’s progress.

In conclusion, the Mumbai–Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) project is a landmark initiative poised to revolutionize India’s transportation infrastructure. As the nation strides towards modernization, the bullet train stands as a testament to India’s commitment to progress, sustainability, and economic growth.

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