Over 1021 new projects tracked in October 2022

Sakshi Agrawal Nov 11, 2022 0

In October 2022, Biltrax Construction Data tracked over 1021 new projects. These include 680 building projects as well as 341 industrial and infrastructure projects.

Building Construction Projects Insights

The 680 building projects monitored for the month of October 2022 cover a total area of 190.59 million sq. ft. amounting to a construction cost of INR 80,508 crores. Of these 680 projects, 288 are currently under construction and 392 are early-stage projects whose construction has not yet started. Among all building projects, 395 are private sector projects and 285 are public sector projects.

One mega project under the residential category includes Raghava IRIS, Raidurg, in Telangana (Construction Cost – INR 2,100 crores; Construction Area – 44,78,114 sq. ft.). Another mega building project tracked in October 2022 includes an educational project by the name, “Woxsen University Expansion”, in Hyderabad, Telangana (Construction Cost – INR 1,395 crores; Construction Area – 50,58,995 sq. ft.).  With 389 projects, residential projects were the most common, followed by educational, commercial, and healthcare building projects.

380 new tenders were floated and duly tracked with a tender value of over INR 24,371 crores. The top and the most prominent tender issuers include Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Public Works Department, Madhya Pradesh (MP PWD), and Public Works (R & B) Department, Jammu.

Industrial and Infrastructure Projects Insights

218 Infrastructural Projects worth INR 37,808 crores and 123 Industrial Projects worth INR 22,963 crores were tracked in the month of October 2022. 

The 123 industrial projects monitored for the month of October 2022 cover a total area of 87.91 million sq. ft. amounting to a total construction cost of INR 22,963 crores. Among the states, Gujarat topped the industrial projects chart grossing 29 projects, followed by Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. 

In the road infrastructure category, Biltrax Construction Data tracked 37 projects entailing a construction cost of INR 32,681 crores. In terms of water infrastructure projects, 164 projects amounting to a total of INR 4,600 crores were tracked. Kerala attracted the highest number of water projects with 58 projects, followed by Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Detailed Project Reports were also submitted for the construction of Phase 2 of the Khadakwasla – Kharadi (Construction Cost – INR 8,656 crores) and Ramwadi – Wagholi (Construction Cost – INR 3,014 crores)  extension corridors of the Pune Metro. The construction of Ghaziabad Metrolite (Vaishali – Mohan Nagar) was also proposed with an estimated investment of INR 1,808 crores.

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