Salankar Pashine and Associates triggers emotions with a deep understanding of colours

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Colours have a significant impact on the moods and feelings of individuals. Varied shades can invoke a specific mood and have distinct experiences on the person, taking into consideration the personality of an individual. The Nagpur-based firm Salankar Pashine and Associates incorporate a cheerful colour palette for home interiors to design each project distinctly, with a personalised twist to layout scheme. The founders Anurag and Pallavi Pashine express how homeowners can welcome the New Year encased within bright interiors.

Nature and memories trigger emotions that ultimately lead to joy, as long as one feels happy and at home when stepping into any space, the colours are working their magic.

Set the tone with a vibrant Living Room

The living room is a liminal space, a transition between bedrooms and the kitchen, says Ar. Anurag Pashine, the co-founder and the principal architect of Salankar Pashine and Associates. While it is informal enough to lounge on, it needs a tone of formality to allow intimate gatherings. The living room is a multifunctional space where children can study on the coffee table or parents can relax by lounging in front of the television making it crucial to have a perfect balance of colours. To achieve a cheery living room, use of varied photo frames, quirky decor, and simple rugs in a subtle colour palette can be used. In one of Anurag Pashine’s homes with a combination of trendy colours like persimmon, gold, and teal, there are touches of canary yellow incorporated to create a tasteful ambience. Additionally, the use of wooden bookshelves impart warmth and make the corridor a seamless transitional area between rooms.

Include the calm of Neutral Hues 

Every space does not need a bright colour scheme to express happiness. For a farmhouse on the outskirts of the concrete jungle, the owners asked for a design that is subtle and sophisticated in nature. In order to distance themselves from the cacophony of the city, this farmhouse is envisaged in various tones, shades, and hues of a neutral colour palette. The beauty of the residence lies in the joy expressed through a simple colour scheme and heavy use of wood to offer a comforting touch. For instance, the bar area uses ivory and beige to create a sense of harmony between spaces, radiating comforting respite, and tieing the elements together. However, a few bold shades of red and crimson have been imparted in the form of a painting. A neutral colour palette suits any decor style,  from a bold modern to an elegant classic design.

Bring in notes of Nostalgia 

Some colours simply spark joy indistinctly. Blue for instance, can be used in both a sophisticated or a  flamboyant manner. Ar. Anurag Pashine, remarks that blue can be used in varied ways in the bathroom, such as a pale blue or sultry plum can be used to create an accent wall along with simple retro tiles on other walls with black marble flooring. In order to make the bathroom more quirky, the basin can be built with a mosaic of blue incorporating royal blue, sky blue, and cerulean. In the Luxe Villa, the design team wanted to create a deep impact in the bathroom since it serves as one of the most relaxing spaces with utmost privacy. So they chose a mural of white flowers and a bird in the backdrop of deep blue. To balance out the blue tones, beiges and whites were included for the vanity, basin, and cabinets and to elevate the bathroom, warm cove lighting has been used to make the space feel more intimate. A finishing touch in the form of fragrant flowers in metallic vases completes the look of the bathroom.

As long as one feels happy and at home when stepping into any space, the colours are working their magic. Nature and memories trigger emotions that ultimately lead to joy, and that can be achieved with the help of experienced designers such as the team at Salankar Pashine and Associates with their deep understanding and appreciation of colours.

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