The KariGhars: Revolutionising standard houses into opulent homes

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Redefining ordinary houses into chic and cosy homes since 2009, The KariGhars is an interior design firm based in Bangalore. From inception to execution, conceptualization to curation, they undertake turnkey projects for villas and apartments. The firm is co-founded by CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha & the Managing Director Vinayak Chadha. With a focus on passion and vision of their clients, the trio is responsible for the company’s success. In this interview Abhishek speaks about the narratives of their practice and evolution of this industry.

An impeccable part of the design process is the artisans, carpenters and masons. With an intent to combine all the services under one roof, the founders coined the name ‘The KariGhars’, and began with a turnkey business model. A carefully curated team of electricians, plumbers, and builders render uniform project coordination in contrast to a constant quarrel with external agencies. The firm institutes each project with client requirements. Abhishek elaborates, “We opt for a comprehensive meeting to discuss the client’s vision for their future dream home, their lifestyle and needs, based on which we curate fabrics, materials, and furnishings. When the construction is near completion, we discuss the minute aspects such as paintings, decor, and even the bedspreads. Keeping in mind the client’s vision, we help them achieve their goals.”

With around 5000 projects under their belt, the firm has undertaken each one as their passion. Villa 32 at Prestige Lakeside Habitat completed during lockdown is one such project that’s close to their heart. An amalgamation of design styles of both the founders, the house is reminiscent of a pre-independence era vernacular style home with modern elements integrated into it. For the KariGhars, who are strong proponents of automation, designing this smart home with all its technological advanced features, without compromising on its vernacular aesthetic, is therefore a dream come true. With the clients being open to all concepts, the duo thus pushed the limits of their creativity. 

The projects undertaken by The KariGhars are known for their longevity. One of their turnkey projects, “The Blooming Casa” paints a beautiful picture of comfortable luxury. Every design element in this plush house serves an essential purpose. Amid pops of color and fine detailing, the home is automated with smart features. The firm invests in an intelligent material palette that is both eco-friendly and durable like the use of lacquered glass with its aesthetics and ease of maintenance. Metal inlays with bronze and marble are gaining popularity. Metal yields a dimensional depth, but an instant chic factor is apparent when coupled with bronze and marble. The team is therefore honest and upfront about everything they do and provide a lifetime warranty with their smart choices and techniques.

Since the onset of the pandemic, it has been easy to predict a massive need for comfortable and utilitarian interiors. Abhishek says, “The need for open spaces, a generous home office, sanitisation station at foyers and easy to clean antimicrobial surfaces has arisen. Apartments are opting for balcony gardens, green walls and indoor air-purifying plants, while villas with outdoor spaces work on landscaping them and adding swings, leisure seating to make them multi-utilitarian.”

For instance, in Villa 32, a sumptuous open space for nature lovers has been provided. The pagoda is a multi-functional space where small gatherings. It also accommodates private family time. The garden fountains make this abode an exquisite space to spend some creative-meditative time. In another residential project Maison d’Or, we integrated an office to accommodate working clients and fit their needs. The crisp white workstation topped with two computers and a tailored sofa-bed makes this an appropriate place to work from home.

When asked about their design process and initiatives undertaken Abhishek voices, “Every designer that we have worked with has a unique style. While we do want our designs to have the signature of our firm, we do not want to squash a designer’s distinctive style. So, by creating a dialogue between the designer and our clients’ needs, we arrive at a unique solution tailor-made for each client. Whenever there is a new addition to our team, they undergo a training period to unlearn what they have learnt  in the past.

We constantly add new processes and checks to our upcoming projects to avoid loopholes or glitches. Team-building activities with employees ensure cohesion and personal development. While we keep researching new materials, our focus has always been easy to maintain sustainable homes.” Thus, with the right blend of aesthetics and ergonomics for homes, The Karighars is the testament of creativity and expertise to make a positive contribution to their clients’ lives.

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