Upgradation of Nagpur Railway Station

Keya Desai Jul 07, 2022 0

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has proposed the upgradation Nagpur Railway Station that is a part of the Central Railways. The total built-up area of this project is 10,81,913 sq. ft. and the estimated total project cost is INR 536 crores. We expect the project to start in early 2023 and finish by 2025. As of June 2022, RLDA has floated a tender for the selection of a consultant to provide architectural and technical consulting services for feasibility studies, master planning, urban design, engineering, and preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR).  

Nagpur Railway Station

The project envisages a major up-gradation of the Nagpur Railway Station. The construction of the west side development includes a two-storey departure hall, a two-storey arrival hall, a station administration building with six upper floors, and a single storey parking area. East side development includes a five-storey arrival hall, a two-storey departure hall, and a single storey parking area. Airspace development includes an elevated concourse, the north foot-over-bridge, the south foot-over-bridge, and the renovation of the existing railway platforms. The external site development includes west side development, the forecourt area, east side development, and the forecourt area.

The RLDA planned the railway station to follow green building rules and regulations. Incorporating solar power provision, a sewage treatment plant, and a rainwater harvesting system is a step towards economic and environmental sustainability. 24×7 CCTV surveillance ensures the safety of the passengers.

Key Project Highlights

Project NameUpgradation of Nagpur Railway Station of Central Railway
Name of the DeveloperRail Land Development Authority (RLDA)
Name of the Design ArchitectEnia Design Private Limited
LocationNagpur, Maharashtra 
Pin code440001
Latitude21° 9′ 8.1072” N
Longitude79° 5′ 17.4876” E
Year of Commencement 2023
Year of Completion2025
Total Construction Area (in sq. ft)10,81,913 sq.ft.
Total Project CostINR 536 crores
Project CategoryRedevelopment, Railway Station
Building UseTransport Infrastructure, Hospitality
Project SectorPublic-Private Venture

Enia Design Private Limited

Enia Design Private Limited aims to build with accuracy, meticulousness, and believes in the power of detail, which reveals the meaning and essence of architecture. The firm believes in the quest to understand the future and conducts experiments and studies in their own research structure, the results of which are accessible to all. The studio embraces complexity with enthusiasm and ingenuity. They resolve the project with an obvious solution. They aim to practise in new urbanities, at all scales, aware of the urgency of transformations, and of the social and environmental responsibilities of the architect. 

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA)

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is a statutory Authority, under the Ministry of Railways, set up by an Amendment to the Railways Act, 1989, for the development of vacant Railway Land for commercial use, to generate revenue by non-tariff measures. RLDA has since evolved according to the terms of the Extraordinary Gazette Notification dated 31.10.2006, and as amended on 5.1.2007. The Extraordinary Gazette dated 4.1.2007 mentions the rules for the functioning of the RLDA. Indian Railways (IR) has approximately 43,000 hectares of vacant land. The Railway Board identifies land for operational purposes and entrusts such plots of land to RLDA in phases for commercial development.

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