Jharkhand CM lays foundation stone for INR 456 Crore irrigation project in Palamu

Unnati More Feb 12, 2024 0

Jharkhand Chief Minister, Champai Soren, on Saturday, February 10, laid the foundation stone for the irrigation project at Palamu district worth an estimated cost of INR 456.62 Crore. The upcoming Palamu Pipeline Irrigation Project is expected to positively impact 96 surrounding villages in the Palamu district, added the CM.

The upcoming project is anticipated to be completed within two years and will carry water from three different rivers through underground pipelines. These pipelines will feed various reservoirs to meet the drinking and irrigation demands of the people.

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The 96 villages that will benefit from this project include Chainpur, Medininagar, Satbarwa, Vishrampur, Chhatarpur, Hussainabad, Hydernagar, and Mohammadganj blocks. The project will cater to the growing demand for water in the district.

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