Meta to set up its first data center in India at Reliance Industries campus in Chennai

Unnati More Apr 02, 2024 0

The parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp – Meta, plans to set up its first data centre in India. The proposed facility will be developed at the Reliance Industries Campus in Chennai.

The upcoming data center will support AI-driven applications, including Meta’s Llama series of large language models, enhancing the development and fine-tuning of AI applications within India. It will allow Meta to process data for Indian users locally instead of in its Singapore center. Consequently, this move is expected to result in faster data processing, an improved user experience, and reduced costs.

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The expansion of Meta’s data center operations in India reflects a larger trend among tech giants to localize data storage and processing. This shift aligns with India’s growing data center industry and stricter rules introduced by the Personal Data Protection Act.

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