Doxel utilizes AI, LIDAR, and Robotics to maintain track of large building projects

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Who is Doxel?

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Doxel is a startup that has developed technologies to alter how construction is tracked and performed. It is an artificial intelligence and computer vision-based system that delivers significant productivity increases to commercial construction projects.

Doxel uses autonomous devices to visually monitor every inch of a project, then feeds this data to its proprietary deep learning algorithms. The algorithms then inspect the quality of installed work and measure installed quantities in real-time. This enables project managers to react to inefficiencies almost immediately and boost productivity as much as fifty percent.

Here’s how a Doxel robot works:

For construction companies, it is difficult to predict labor productivity. While managers often know how many hours a person spends on a project, they don’t have a precise estimate of how much work is accomplished, or if it’s performed properly. This leads to nasty surprises in which managers realize several weeks or months later that they spent a lot more time and money than they expected for a given amount of work.

Quality and Error Detection

Doxel utilizes AI, Lidar, and Robotics to maintain track of large building projects
Error Detection

Through the use of Doxel’s autonomous devices, it can monitor a site every day, both outdoors and indoors, with LIDAR (Light Imaging Detection and Ranging) and HD cameras. Their proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm processes this visual data, inspects installation quality, and quantifies how much material has been installed correctly. As a result, this also detects errors with superhuman accuracy through their artificial intelligence engine, instantly letting you know if the field matches the plans.

Scheduling and Real-time Feedback

Schedule tracking

Doxel’s cloud-based dashboard then provides project managers with real-time feedback on productivity, as well as how actual costs and time spent are comparing to the original budget and schedule. As a result, managers can better control outcomes and keep their projects on time and on budget. 

Doxel, therefore, operates in the construction sector with many parties– builders to contractors to project managers and to building owners themselves. 

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