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UPPWD Special Security Force Battalion, Piparsand, Lucknow

UPPWD Special Security Force Battalion, Piparsand, Lucknow

Unnati More Oct 25, 2023 0

The project envisages the construction of Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force Headquarters & first Battalion of Special Security Force in Lucknow.

Overview of the Project:

UPPWD (Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department) has announced the development of the new UPPWD Special Security Force Battalion in Pipersand. The projects includes the construction of residential and non-residential buildings of UP Special Security Force Headquarters and first battalion of Special Security Force at Lucknow. The department has issued a tender for the selection of an EPC contractor for the same. 

The proposed project spreads across 44 Acres of land parcel with the construction area of approximately 2,083,710 SqFt. The estimated cost of this project is 525 INR-Crore.

ARCH-EN DESIGN is the design architect for this project.

Recent Updates:

As of October 2023,

  • A tender is floated for the selection of an EPC contractor for the construction of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings.
  • A tender is floated for selection of an Authority Engineer.

Project details:

Name of the ProjectUPPWD Special Security Force Battalion, Piparsand
Latitude, Longitude26.721528, 80.837766
Latest StatusPre-Construction 
As of October 2023, 
– A tender is floated for the selection of EPC contractor for the construction of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings.
– A tender is floated for selection of Authority Engineer.
LocationLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Construction Area (in SqFt)2,083,710 SqFt
Construction Cost (INR-Crore)525 INR-Crore
Description The proposed project consists the construction of:

Non-residential Buildings:
Administrative Block Head Quarter: GF + 6 Upper Floors
Mt Office & Garage -16 Medium Vehicle + Barrack: GF + 5 Upper Floors
Vahini Admin Block: Basement + GF + 6 Upper Floors
Quarter Guard: GF
Office and Garage (Large 10 Vehicle + Small 5 Vehicle ): GF
Hospital: GF
Barrack + Kitchen: GF+ 9 Upper Floors
Indoor Stadium + Gym + Swimming Pool + mini Super Market: GF + 3 Upper Floors
Multipurpose Shed 800 Pax: GF
Auditorium Building – 500 Pax: GF
Entertainment Hall + Community Center: GF + 3 Upper Floors
Toilet Block 4 Blocks: Ground Floor
Small Arms Firing Range: Ug + GF 
Gas Agency: GF
Dog Kennel: GF
Parade Ground: GF
Sub Station: GF

Residential Buildings:
Type- V Residence (Adg Bungalow): GF
Type-V Residence (IG & DIG Bungalow): GF
Type-4 Residence for HQ: GF
Type-4 for Police Up-Adhikshak: GF
Type-A (Type-3) Residence: Stilt +7 Upper Floors 27 No
Type-b (Type-2) Residence: Stilt +8 Upper Floors 30 No
Type-4 Residence for Vahini: GF
Type-4 Residence for Vahini: GF+3 Upper Floors 7 Nos
Type-a(Type 3) Residence for Vahini: Stilt + 11 Upper Floors 126 Nos
Type-b(Type 2) Residence: Stilt + 11 Upper Floors 600 Nos
Building use Miscellaneous Public Buildings, Residential
Construction start2024
Project completion (Estimated timeline)2025

Design Inspiration

The project is designed considering the present needs in advance of campus planning. The master plan outlines creative and efficient building and functional uses of campus sites. 

The design incorporates the following principles:

  • Orientation and site alignment in a way to facilitate more natural light and ventilation
  • Modular building design for structural efficiency
  • Energy-efficient and self-sustaining integrated campus with dedicated zones for various users
  • Functional utility for all services
  • Incorporation of ample open spaces
Aerial view (UPPWD Special Security Force Battalion, Piparsand)
Hospital Block


UPPWD (Uttar Pradesh Public Works Department)

UPPWD is the government body responsible for the construction, maintenance, strengthening, and improvement of roads and bridges in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It also overlooks the construction of certain buildings of the state government and their maintenance.


ARCH-EN DESIGN is a leading multi-disciplinary services firm established for over 35 years. The firm specializes in various sectors such as, architectural design and engineering, integrated planning, urban planning, landscape planning, and project management consultancy.

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